The Department of Nursing implements an Erasmus+ program called Telenursing. In the framework of this program under the responsibility of the University of Thessaly and in collaboration with the project partners, an educational program for the specialization of nurses in Telenursing was structured. The
design and development of the program was done after analyzing the needs of the market. The University of Thessaly is responsible for the pilot implementation of the educational program. The goal is to train both students and nursing graduates in specialized remote patient monitoring and telecare skills.

Telenursing is a new professional branch in which Nursing graduates can work. The country’s needs for Nurses specialized in telematics services are multiple and the provision of remote nursing care requires additional education and training.

Addressed to

The program is targeted at health professionals and scientists who wish to be trained in remote monitoring and delivery of nursing care, prevention, maintenance of health to people with chronic diseases living in the community.

Aim of the program

The aim of the program is to train nurses in telecare technologies, specifically the following:1. Patient care and monitoring:
1.Training nurses in telecare technologies allows them to remotely monitor and assess patients’ health status, vital signs, and adherence to treatment plans. This leads to proactive and timely interventions,
improving patient outcomes and reducing hospital readmissions.
2. Technological Proficiency: Telecare technologies can range from video conferencing platforms for virtual consultations to remote patient monitoring devices. Training helps nurses gain skills in using these tools, ensuring seamless integration into their daily workflow.
3. Patient education and support: Nurses can use telecare to provide health education materials, resources, and personalized guidance to patients, empowering them to actively participate in their care and chronic disease self-management.
4. Communication and Collaboration: Telecare training promotes effective communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals. Nurses may work closely with physicians, specialists, and other team members to discuss patient cases, treatment plans, and follow-up care.5. Data security and privacy: Nurses must be aware of the importance of data security and patient privacy when using telecare technologies. The training emphasizes confidentiality and compliance with relevant regulations for the protection of patient information.6. Adapt to the Changing Healthcare Landscape: Education prepares nurses to adapt to developments in telecare technologies and stay abreast of best practices in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Training techniques/Tools/Equipment

  • MOODLE platform
  • E-class platform


Till 16/07/2024

Scientific Coordinators

  • Malliarou Maria , Professor of Nursing, University of Thessaly

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