Diet Formulation for Dairy Cattle


Diet Formulation for Dairy Cattle

The Education and Lifelong Learning Centre of the University of Thessaly and the Laboratory of Ruminant Livestock Farming organize the Educational Program “Diet Formulation for Dairy Cattle” . The training program was developed taking into consideration the high zootechnical level of dairy farms and the need to train nutritionists in modern, high precision mechanistic models, such as the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS). The program is intended, through an integrated approach, to provide knowledge on the use of modern ration formulation tools for dairy cattle. It is designed for those directly involved with the nutrition of dairy cows. With main goal to make trainees able to formulate diets for dairy cattle, it deepens in feedstuff chemical composition, nutritional physiology of ruminants and integrates a mechanistic approach to define both requirements and supply.

The aim of the program is to provide knowledge in the use of modern diet formulating tools through an integrated nutritional approach. At the end of the program the trainee is expected to understand feedstuff chemical analysis and classification, identify animal requirements based on production level and growth stage, comprehend how mechanistic models operate, and being able to evaluate and formulate diets for dairy cattle.

Addressed to

This educational program is addressed to:

  • Students and graduates of Animal and Veterinary Science
  • Professionals of the dairy sector with more than 5 years of experience


  • 3 months
  • 9 Lectures
  • 7 Diet formulation sessions
  • 2 Seminars
  • 3-5 h / week
  • 4 ECTS


Registration Period: Up to April 14th 2024

Start of Training: 10/04/2024

Payment: Once registered payment details will be send by email

Scientific Coordinator -Principal Instructor

  • Andreas Foskolos, Associate Professor, Dep. Of Animal Sceince, University of Thessaly

Invited Instructors

  • Mike Van Amburgh, Professor, Cornell University
  • Tom Tylutki, President and CEO of Agricultural Modelling and Training Systems (AMTS)
  • Sam Fessenden, Animal nutritionist and dairy farm owner, Minnesota, USA

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